ERP Design Interface Evaluation Of A B2B ERP System In Indonesia – Study Case Of PT Dharma Lautan Nusantara


  • Nur Amalyna Yusrin Pradita University
  • Sabda Imani
  • Nur Hanifah Universitas Pradita



Enterprise Resource Planning, Design Interface, User interface, User Experience


Technology disruption is a concern for the industry with reason. Technology disruption prove leading multinational scale companies to achieve exponential growth. The rapid growth of technology brings business competitiveness even tighter. In addition, the market is more complex than past. The maarket needs are segmented and more diverse. Businesses that are not able to take advantage of opportunities in technology will disappear in competition. ERP is a way to implement the technology disruptioninto business processes. ERP aims to integrate all company data in one big data center which will be allocated through data marts according to the needs of each division. It aims to reduce inefficient business processes and optimise the budget allocation so that, business able to dominate the competition by focusing in innovation. PT Dharma Lautan Nusantara (PT DLN) implements ERP as an opportunity to improve web-based performance that plays a role in integrating business processes. However, in its implementation, PT DLN's ERP has not run well. As we know, design interface is the main gate for users to understand and use ERP system. In this study, the researcher analysed the important factors in building the PT DLN ERP interface using the interview method with structured questions and interpreted with the qualitative coding method. Researchers found that there are 3 (three) aspects in the ERP display that encourage employee satisfaction using PT DLN's ERP, namely minimal design, customisation and learnability.


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Yusrin, N. A., Imani, S., & Hanifah, N. (2022). ERP Design Interface Evaluation Of A B2B ERP System In Indonesia – Study Case Of PT Dharma Lautan Nusantara. Jurnal British, 2(2), 80-95.