Niat Menjadi Pelanggan: Sebuah Studi Empirik Pada Ritel Food and Groceries


  • Meilisa Alvita Meilisa Universitas Pradita
  • William Widjaja Universitas Pradita
  • Adryan Rachman Universitas Pradita



atribut toko, kepuasan, gaya hidup, pengalaman di toko, niat untuk menjadi pelanggan


The Retail business sector is one of the sectors affected by the Covid-19 virus. However, not all retailers have experienced a downturn due to Covid-19, retail businesses such as minimarkets have experienced rapid growth in sales of goods during this pandemic, this is because consumers are still focused on basic needs and cleaning tools. Minimarkets are also superior in terms of comfort and ease of access. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of store attribute variables, the satisfaction on the patronage intention moderated by lifestyle and mediated by the satisfaction with store experience as a control variable on the behavior of selecting food and grocery stores on the top brand award retail minimarket. Researchers used a 5-point Likert scale in measuring variables. The data collection method in this study used an online questionnaire with non-probability techniques with judgment sampling technique, while the research subjects were 280 respondents as buyers of the top brand award minimarkets in Jakarta and Tangerang. For hypothesis testing between variables, the data were processed using SmartPLS version 3.0. The results of the study show that store attributes have no significant effect on the patronage intention, store attributes have a significant effect on the satisfaction, the satisfaction has a significant effect on the patronage intention, the satisfaction is proven to be mediating, lifestyle is not shown to moderate, and store experience has an effect significant impact on the patronage intention. The indication of R² from the results of data processing shows that the variable ability of store attributes, level of satisfaction, lifestyle and store experience in explaining the patronage intention (Y) is 55.68% and 44.32% is explained by other factors outside of this study.



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Meilisa Alvita Meilisa, Universitas Pradita



William Widjaja, Universitas Pradita



Adryan Rachman, Universitas Pradita






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Meilisa, M. A., Widjaja, W. ., & Rachman, A. . (2022). Niat Menjadi Pelanggan: Sebuah Studi Empirik Pada Ritel Food and Groceries . Jurnal British, 3(1), 66-80.