Revitalisasi Taman Baca Di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19 Pada Kampung Mengalir


  • Bella Koes Paulina Cantik Pradita University
  • Aditya Hairin Wahid
  • Hans Samuel Setiahadi



Reading interest in children is one of the important factors in children's growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to create an activity or forum that stimulates interest in reading, one of which is the provision of a reading garden that is useful so that children can read and play activities together, in order to encourage wider knowledge from an early age and also improve their abilities in socializing. So if the supporting facilities are not in good condition, then the output cannot be fully achieved. The purpose of this research is to stimulate interest in reading that has not been considered for a long time, by revitalizing the reading garden facilities in Kampung Mengalir. The method used is qualitative research, by collecting primary data in the form of community interviews and direct observation in the field. Based on the primary data taken, it is concluded that the community needs adequate supporting facilities for children to learn and play. The results show that with the revitalization of reading gardens, there is a significant increase in the enthusiasm of the children of Kampung Mengalir towards the reading garden facilities which are better and more appropriate. In addition, the children in the Kampung Mengalir are also more responsive to the dangers of COVID 19, because the revitalization requires children to use hand sanitizer before and after activities in the reading garden.


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Bella Koes Paulina Cantik, Aditya Hairin Wahid, & Hans Samuel Setiahadi. (2022). Revitalisasi Taman Baca Di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19 Pada Kampung Mengalir. Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, 1(2), 29-41.