Special Event Management : Implementasi Penyelenggaraan Event di Sektor Sosial, Pendidikan Dan Bisnis


  • Abdul Kholik Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Aisyah Nurul Ramadhani
  • Axel Patuananggi
  • Achmad Aryo C. Wibowo




event khusus, manajemen event, event organizer


Events are defined as activities carried out by a group of people or organizations that have a specific purpose. The event has an implementation strategy that is intended to implement a plan that has been made. Every event organizer certainly does not expect the planned event to cause problems and even fail to be held. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good implementation, well organized and keep to look for problem solvings for any risks that can be faced. This research on the implementation of special events in the social, education and business sectors uses descriptive methods in order to describe in detail the research findings obtained. The approach used is qualitative to describe the social situation by covering various aspects. The research results obtained are stages of organizing a special event are indeed varied, but an important element in this stage of organizing is by compiling the grand design of the event to be held. An important principle in organizing special events is to build internal trust. Opportunities in special event activities are to make it an introduction to cultural diversity, creativity training, entertainment, by taking advantage of the moments, themes, and euphoria that exist during certain moments. Another obstacle commonly faced by event organizers is the time that sometimes does not match expectations with the rundown that has been arranged in advance.


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Kholik, A., Ramadhani, A. N. ., Patuananggi, A. ., & Wibowo, A. A. C. (2021). Special Event Management : Implementasi Penyelenggaraan Event di Sektor Sosial, Pendidikan Dan Bisnis. Jurnal British, 1(2), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.51170/jb.v1i2.167